Oxford’s commitment to ESG

For over 60 years, Oxford has been committed to smart, sustainable and healthy communities. Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices play an important role in delivering on that vision.

Being a leader in sustainability helps drive long-term value and return. It plays a critical part in how we cultivate connections, ensuring our positive impact extends beyond the four walls of our properties. Our teams set clear and transparent objectives to hold ourselves accountable. We strive to continually do better while learning from and inspiring others to do the same. Our focus on both the big and the small initiatives come together to make a difference, for today and tomorrow.

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We believe in making communities better than we found them and our sustainability efforts reflect what matters most to us, our local partners and customers

Oxford’s sustainability program is focused on the following goals:

  • Environmental: Climate-proofing our portfolio: Putting its direct assets on a net zero carbon pathway while aiming to improve their efficiency and resilience
  • Social: creating meaningful impacts: Improving the communities in which it invests and operates
  • Governance: enhancing ESG practices: Enabling good ESG practices, and performance across the organization

         A few highlights:

        • 125 GWh of green electricity is generated by onsite solar, or from low-carbon sources*
        • 37% reduction in carbon emissions intensity since 2015*
        • our green financing framework, launched in 2022, supports the transition to a low carbon economy. The Green Financing Framework has secured a C$600M green bond, the proceeds of which will fund the financing and/or refinancing green projects on our assets.

        Our commitment to ESG continues to be recognized. In 2022, the Global Real Estate Benchmark ranked our sustainability performance 4th of our peer group.  In March 2023, for the fourth consecutive year, we were named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies, being recognized for how we have embedded sustainability into our decisions and actions globally and locally.

        Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and we are committed to continually finding ways to meaningfully adapt and future-proof our assets

        Our Green Financing Framework will finance sustainable investments and expenditures that support and drive the transition to a low carbon economy. 

        The Stack, one of the first zero carbon (in design) commercial high-rise in Canada is an example of this in action.  The certification is the culmination of planning to pioneer the CaGBC’s Zero Carbon framework in a high-rise office tower, while considering the demands of realizing an economically viable commercial project for our stakeholders. It has given us meaningful learnings to apply to future projects and share with our peers. 

        The James Snow Business Park development in Canada incorporates 400,000 SF of solar panels in the first phase of development as part of the base building infrastructure. It will provide clean energy to its occupants from day one and features drought-resistant landscaping, with buildings targeting LEED certification.

        In Berlin, our iconic Sony Center development achieved a world first, successfully passing all DGNB certification stages, to achieve a platinum rating. 

        We equally invest in sustainable real estate, working with partners to create a social impact. 

        We have made our first foray into the world of impact investing by backing the Dream Impact Fund, which invests into assets specifically targeted at having a positive impact on society including affordable housing, creating “inclusive communities” and resource efficiency.

        Whether it’s pushing forward with ESG initiatives on our own, or working together with our customers and partners, we’re committed to we have a positive economic and social impact on our communities, customers and partners.

         *Data as of 2021.

        Solar powered retail

        We're investing in a sustainable future by installing over 175,000 square feet of solar panels at our shopping centres.

        Solar Powered Retail

        Our approach to ESG

        Ever wondered what our ESG strategy is here at Oxford? Our own Anushka Grant gives insight on the CREtech podcast, Climate Cast with Michael Beckerman.