Hudson Yards

New York City, USA

Hudson Yards is New York City’s newest neighbourhood—the centre of the city’s rapidly changing West Side, and the largest private development since Rockefeller Center. If that’s not ambitious enough, it was also Oxford’s inaugural investment in New York City.

Oxford and Related Companies teamed up at the end of the financial crisis with a transformational vision for the site. Oxford’s rich global expertise and Related’s deep New York roots combined to shape the city-within-a-city and deliver enormous social and economic impact.

The master planned site includes 5,000 apartments (including 400 affordable), more than 100 retail shops, five commercial office buildings, a school for 750 children, 14 acres of public open space with 28,000 plants and 200 mature trees, the Heatherwick Studios-designed interactive structure Vessel and the highest outdoor sky deck in the western hemisphere—all constructed atop a 30-track working railyard.

When completed, 125,000 people daily are expected to live, work, dine, shop, study, stroll or sightsee at the 28-acre neighbourhood. The project will contain 18 million square feet of commercial and residential space and is expected to contribute close to $19 billion annually to the city’s GDP.

The project began with the construction of a platform weighing 35,000 tons, held up by 300 caissons drilled into the active railyard below. Delivering uninterrupted rail service throughout construction was a phenomenal feat, and was the result of hard-working relationships with federal, state and city agencies, together with meticulous planning.

At Hudson Yards, fiber loop communications optimize data speed. A CoGen plant provides roughly 60% of the site’s energy needs. Cooling tubes and fifteen jet-engine sized fans keep the greenery from overheating despite 150-degree temperatures below. And the site has sophisticated built-in composting programs and rainwater recycling systems.

These are just some of the reasons that Fast Company called Hudson Yards “the neighborhood of the future" and why the commercial project was also awarded New York City’s first LEED Neighborhood Development Gold certification, with individual buildings attaining LEED Platinum certifications.

It takes vision to look at a 28-acre open rail yard and see a community. And it takes a combination of creativity, conviction and financial strength to transform that vision into an inclusive, sustainable and thriving new neighbourhood. The project demonstrates the importance of relationships, trust and partnership. Hudson Yards is a tremendous success by every measure—and we’re not nearly done yet.

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