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We are an investor, asset manager and builder of businesses and teams.

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Our ESG commitments drive long-term value and returns, reflecting what matters most for us, our customers, partners, and communities.

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Oxford Properties makes first direct Los Angeles acquisition with US$133.5M purchase of Southern California Innovation Park

Our purpose is to create economic and social value through real estate – safeguarding the future and creating a world of opportunities for our customers, communities, partners and people.

Our businesses

Investing for the future

We build, buy and grow defined real estate businesses, and leverage our global expertise, scale and network to enhance their performance. Operating internationally across sectors, our world-class management teams provide meaningful access, knowledge, and insight advantages to benefit our customers and partners.

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Growing into GMP/Biomanufacturing

Indi on Pitt St

Sydney, Australia

IDI Logistics


Partnerships that scale

We partner with leading, like-minded global institutional investors. Our partnerships accelerate the scale and pace at which we can deploy capital across priority sectors and geographies – creating competitive advantage and amplifying our economic and social impact.

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Building connections

We work with some of the most loved and respected names in the world – from start-ups to experienced leaders, customers to communities, and architects to financial advisors. Our global network benefits our customers, partners and team by providing access to greater opportunities, diversity of thought and best practices.

Places built to connect

We shape places that move people. Places that inspire and engage. Places that foster wellness. Places that enrich communities – where people can live, work, learn and play. Creating connections. Bringing people closer – to one another and to their communities.

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United Kingdom

Places made better by people

From development and placemaking to sales and operations, we create value for our customers, properties and partners that extends well beyond our physical footprint.

A focus on impact

A focus on impact

We create smart, sustainable and healthy communities. Places that are future-proofed, flexible and put people first. Reducing our impact, elevating market expectations, holding ourselves to account and inspiring others to do the same.

Oxford has a global commitment to reduce its carbon emission by 30% from its 2015 benchmark by 2025. In the past three years it has taken a quantum leap by going from a 9% reduction from benchmark in 2018, to 23% in the prior year and now 29%*. It is well on track to substantially beat its 2025 goal.

- Fast Company, Oxford Properties Named to World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021

*Figure excludes one-off pandemic impacts on carbon performance

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Seamless and intuitive

We are shaping the future of real estate with an ambitious experience-rich vision. And we pair innovative people with the leading ideas and technologies to bring it to life.

Customers are at the centre of everything we do. We observe and anticipate, predict changing expectations and offer technology-enabled, value-creating experiences.

Our investment in data, analytics and technology mean we’re always improving, growing and identifying new opportunities. For today and tomorrow.

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Two Avenue Road

The Stack

Vancouver, Canada



Scottsdale Grand

Scottsdale, USA


310 Cambridge Science Park

310 Cambridge Science Park

Cambridge, UK

Life sciences

Sony Centre


Toronto, Canada


Meet the team

Meet the team

Our leadership team has bought, built, leased, financed and sold some of the world’s most successful businesses and properties. At Oxford, they define our global strategy and attract, empower and grow the best people and teams in the business.

Executive committee

That focus is critical, because our people are our greatest advantage. We go above and beyond to attract and nurture the best talent across all parts of our business.

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Our committed capital

We are backed by dedicated, permanent capital from OMERS, one of Canada’s largest defined benefit pension plans. Our ownership structure helps us move quickly and be nimble, unconstrained by market conditions. When we commit, we execute. And that adds up to a real competitive advantage.