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Specialty Leasing &
Marketing Events

Oxford offers a number of different and exciting programs to allow you to showcase your products and develop your business throughout our shopping centre, office lobby, urban retail, and hotel portfolios.

  • Carte Programs provide a cost efficient way of owning and running your retail business in our busy common areas; whether you need to test a new product or provide focus and expanded sales opportunities to your existing product line.
  • Pop-Up Shops and Temporary In-Line Leases provide short term opportunities when your concept needs more space or merchandising flexibility.
  • Brand Activations let customers see, touch and try your brand; have your brand ambassadors talk to our customers face-to-face to share the benefits of your product or service, collect customer feedback, and give them an incentive to become your customer.
  • On-site advertising is available throughout our complexes to support your sales and marketing efforts with an integrated media campaign; choose from Banners, Posters, Specialty Media opportunities or our growing digital media network.

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Specialty Leasing Group

National Retaill, Specialty Leasing ManagerJordan Minnaar
National Urban, Specialty Leasing ManagerJasleen Bhinder
Yorkdale MallMary Cipriano
Square OneHelen Vindigis
Upper Canada MallNanci Dunster
Hillcrest MallLisa Resnic
Scarborough Town Centre Catherine Llagas
Southcentre MallRashmi Aimiuwu
Kingsway MallLindsay Botha
Edmonton City CentreKim Adams
Les Galeries de la CapitaleStephanie Tiernan
Les Promenades de GatineauCecile Kubek
Quartier DIX30Veronique Desnoyers


  1. The Licensee fully understands that it will be responsible for any costs to the Licensor in carrying out any of the obligations of the License Agreement which are not performed.
  2. The Licensee will be set up completely and open for business not later than opening of the Shopping Centre.
  3. The Licensor will not allow late arrivals to set up until the following day. Notwithstanding such action by the Licensor, the Licensee shall pay in full the fee set out in Section #3.
  4. In the event that the Licensee cannot be available to display according to the agreed dates, the Licensee will notify the Licensor at least one day in advance of the booking. Failure to notify may result in a refusal by the Licensor to re-book dates for the Licensee for a three-month period thereafter.
  5. The Licensee will ensure that all loading and unloading of goods shall be done only at such times, in the areas, and through the entrances, designated for such purposes by the Licensor.
  6. The Licensee will designate a competent, responsible adult as an on-site supervisor who will at all times be in direct control of any activity. The identity of this person will be made known to the Licensor or its representative prior to the commencement of an activity.
  7. The Licensee will ensure that all signage is professional. FREEHAND SIGNS ARE NOT ALLOWED. Any signage deemed unacceptable by the Licensor will be immediately removed.
  8. The Licensee shall not permit undue accumulation of garbage, trash, rubbish or other refuse within the Licensed Area. Licensee is responsible for cleaning and upkeep of their own Licensed Area, and must supply their own cleaning supplies, brooms, mops, garbage bags. Licensee MAY NOT USE MALL TRASH BINS for their garbage. All garbage bags and flattened cardboard must go in the nearest exit hallway.
  9. The backs of displays shall be aesthetically appealing and all cartons and extension cords are to be kept out of sight – beneath draped tables or hidden inside the walls of the display. Tables used in the Licensed Area must be draped to the floor on all four sides with approved flame-retardant fabric. If provided by the Licensor, Licensee must use solid table surrounds in the Licensed Area.
  10. There is to be NO SOLICITING by the Licensee, or designated representatives thereof of any mall customers. The Licensee must remain within the confines of its Licensed Area, allowing a customer to approach on his or her own initiative. The Licensee agrees not to distribute handbills or other advertising matter to customers outside the confines of the Licensed Area.
  11. Automobile displays must provide the Licensor with keys for the car(s) for the duration of the License Period. The car(s) must be kept clean; the battery disconnected; the fuel tank not more than ½ full, gas cap locked (or taped if a lockable gas cap is not available); protective wheel pads used; and a grease/oil resistant pad placed under the chassis. All doors must be closed when not showing the vehicle and every vehicle MUST BE LOCKED and checked before leaving the Shopping Centre at night.
  12. Any hand trucks, carryalls, or similar appliances used in the Shopping Centre shall be equipped with rubber tires, side guards or other safeguards as may be required by the Licensor.
  13. No mall, sidewalk, entry, passageway, elevator or staircase shall be obstructed or used by the Licensee, its officers, agents, servants, employees, contractors, customers, invitees or licensees for any purpose other than ingress to, or egress from the Licensed Area.
  14. Displays shall not exceed five feet in height, without written consent from the Licensor.
  15. No radio, television, telegraphic or telephone, megaphone or other form of sound reproduction or amplification equipment or similar device and no lighting device or other apparatus or equipment which the Licensor determines to be annoying or offensive, shall be used in or about the Licensed Area.
  16. No eating, drinking or smoking is permitted within the Licensed Area or in the general area thereof, except as specifically permitted under the License Agreement to which these rules and regulations are annexed.
  17. The Licensee must comply with all applicable governmental and regulatory authorities’ requirements and conduct its business in strict conformity with the law.
  18. Design, construction, method of operation and all advertising must be submitted to and approved by the Licensor or its representative in advance of the commencement of this License Agreement.
  19. The Licensee agrees to conduct business upon or within the Licensed Area during the hours specified by the Licensor.
  20. Mall security staff or customer service staff may not relieve the Licensee and or its staff for any reason other than an emergency.